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35lb Sufix Kameleon Dyneema Camo Hook Link - in bulk (12)

35lb Sufix Kameleon Dyneema Camo Hook Link - in bulk (12)
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RRP 3.99 each

Kameleion is a member of the Sufix Hook Link family. This advance link offers a stiff strippable outer skin with outstanding "Camouflage" properties and help to produce a variety range of advanced rig presentations. A neutral buoyancy Dyneema braid is treated with a tangle-free removable outer skin. So supple that running your fingers over Kameleon will allow it to straighten. High knot strength and unrivaled abrasion resistance.

  • Neutral buoyancy
  • Semi stiff, strippable, outer skin
  • Camoflage finish - ideal for fishing over gravel or weed bottoms
  • Green /sand / black colour change every 12cm for maximum concealment
  • 20 metre spool with dispenser
  • Colour: Camoflage (CA)

    Available in individual display packs, at just 3.00 (plus VAT) each in Bulk Packs of 12

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  • Price:43.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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