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ABU Garcia Ambassadeur Revo SX RVO3 SX REVO SX LP ( 1265421 )

ABU Garcia Ambassadeur Revo SX RVO3 SX REVO SX LP ( 1265421 )
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This is the new 2013 Revo. Watch the video below to see all the upgrades to Revo low profile reels.

The Revo® SX dropped over 2 ounces from the previous model taking lightweight design to the next level and reducing the weight by 25%. A more powerful D2 Gear System, the next generation of Duragear™, provides enhanced efficiency and precision when the water.

The upgraded X2- Cräftic alloy frame provides more advanced corrosion protection while the handle sideplate is constructed from weight reducing C6 carbon. A wider Infini II spool design improves casting performance and the legendary Carbon Matrix ensures smooth, consistent drag pressure when hooked into the hardest fighting fish.


A turn of the dial moves the magnetic braking system closer to the spool which allows for additional cast control and braking force. The MagTrax brake system provides consistent drag pressure throughout the entire range of the cast.

A revolution in low profile reels, Abu Garcia has lowered the profile while increasing performance on their toughest low profile reel to date! The Revo features precision-machined Duragear brass gears with an oversized main gear housed within an aluminium frame. This gear configuration makes the reel smooth and reliable while increasing strength and durability. The Carbon Matrix® Drag system is constantly smooth across all drag settings, and the shielded stainless steel bearings and corrosion resistant roller and spool bearings provide ultra smooth casting and retrieve with life-long performance. The six-pin centrifugal brake aids in controlling casts in varying fishing conditions. Be a part of the revolution and try one today.


  • 9 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
  • X2- Cräftic alloy frame for increased corrosion resistance
  • C6 carbon handle sideplate provides significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability
  • Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
  • D2 Gear Design provides a more efficient gear system while improving gear durability
  • MagTrax brake system gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast
  • Infini II spool design for extended castability and extreme loads
  • Compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design
  • Ti coated line guide reduces friction and improves durability


  • Model: RVO3 SX (1265421)
  • Gear Ratio: 6.4:1
  • Inches per Turn: 26
  • Retrieve Speed: Standard
  • Spool Capacity (mono): 12 lbs. / 145 yds.
  • Spool Capacity (braid): 30 lbs. / 140 yds.
  • Weight (oz): 6.66
  • Hand Retrieve: Right
  • Max Drag (lbs): 20

  • Price:129.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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