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Abu Garcia Toby Lure Assortment ( Pack of 5 ) - Save 20%

Abu Garcia Toby Lure Assortment ( Pack of 5 ) - Save 20%
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The Abu Garcia Toby Lure is probably one of the most famous lures in the world to date! This year it celebrates it’s 50th anniversary and for five decades has successfully caught fresh water and salt water fish and this year will be no exception.

Over the years the packaging of this famous lure may have changed, but the design and materials are still the same. The Toby is still made from solid brass. This lure is famous for catching trout, salmon, bass and pike.

Special non-symetrical design to give a unique flutter to drive fish wild, combined with a lifelike fish shape, making them an incredibly effective lure for both casting or trolling in fresh or salt water.

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7 grams
12 grams
18 grams
28 grams
40 grams

Pack of 5 Randomly Assorted Lures - click More Info to view all the available colours. Please choose the lure weight from the drop down list.

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