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Airflo 10ft #7 Elite Trout Fly Fishing Kit

Airflo 10ft #7 Elite Trout Fly Fishing Kit
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Looking to improve on your fly fishing? Our Elite Fly fishing kits have been designed for just that! Featuring a high quality carbon fly rod along with a lightweight die-cast aluminum fly reel preloaded with either an Elite trout line or salmon Skagit head - The Elite fishing kits will get you fishing at a higher level, casting further and more efficiently.

The Elite kits consist of four single-handed trout fishing outfits, featuring our Super Dri flyline which has a unique taper that will load the rod quickly and easily. The double-hand salmon kit comes complete with pre-fitted ridge running line, Skagit head and a Polyleader. All kits come complete with a cordura rod/reel tube that can house your rod with the reel attached.

  • 4 Piece Graphite fly rod
  • High Quality Die Cast reel
  • Pre-fitted Super Dri fly line
  • Rod/Reel Tube
  • Backing and tapered leader

    F/Wells ( Fighting Butt )

  • Price:139.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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