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Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Cold Saltwater - Blowout!!!

Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Cold Saltwater - Blowout!!!

There's no more challenging environment for a flyline than Saltwater and pretenders in this arena are quickly found out.

Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Cold Salt is no ordinary flyline our unique Polyurethane coating makes it quite literally 'tough as old boots' and more than man enough to meet the task.

Designed for firing long casts with a quick loading head section, combined with a virtually tangle free, low memory 'Power Core' running line that helps you feel the slightest fin movement of any striper that dares look at your fly.

The sinking lines feature a 40yd main line in Aqua colour, with a 10yd Black head.

The intermediate lines feature a 40yd main line in yellow colour, with a 10yd clear head.

Boxes may be labelled "cold Saltwater" or "Striper" as available - Same line different label !!!

  • Power Core running lines
  • Superb energy transfer
  • Memory free braided core construction
  • Individually balanced heads
  • New improved sleeved weld

  • Saltwater Forty Plus short head, long front taper design - each line individually density balanced to maximize the performance of modern
    saltwater rods.
  • Intermediate/Sinking Head - Hi Sense mono core for excellent take detection and hook set Running lines - Power Core ultra low stretch for ultimate casting performance, hook set and minimal memory.
  • PolyFuse XT dual layer system - supple inner layer for low memory and a hard highly lubricated outer for slick casting performance.

  • Price:20.87 (Including VAT at 20%)

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