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Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Extreme - WF8S - Save £20

Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Extreme - WF8S - Save 20

The Forty Plus ( 40+ ) range of fly lines bridges the gap between ultimate distance, with ease of casting for every level of fly caster. Forty Plus fly lines have been designed outside the confines of the tradtional AFTMA system, a system developed when cane and glass rods were the norm. The new lines allow you to take maximum advantage of the performance from modern carbon fly rods. The ratings are designed to match your rod perfectly.

The Forty Plus can be thought of as a traditional WF fly line, but with the distance casting performance of a shooting head - without any of the disadvantages.
  • Long distance head design for the ultimate distance casts
  • Incorporates the incredible polyfuse technology coatings for super slick long lasting performance
  • Each density head individually balanced to maximise the performance of todays high performance rods
  • Incredibly well balanced taper design - smooth delivery even at extreme distance
  • Low diameter, low mass running line for longer casts
  • 125ft / 41.7 yards / 38.1 metres
  • RRP 49.95

Price:25.51 (Including VAT at 20%)

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