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Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Extreme Ridge Distance Fly Lines

Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Extreme Ridge Distance Fly Lines

RRP 49.99

Everyone says distance doesn't matter - no it doesn't... until it does. Lets face it, fish determine where and when we cast - and how far.
If they are a long way away you will need to get there - easily. This lines does that - no messing.

Enhanced with Ridged running line for 2007, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible.
Power Core as standard, and you'll need it to help set hooks at the distance you'll be fishing!

  • Ridge technology running lines
  • Power core for superb energy transfer
  • Individually balanced heads
  • New improved sleeved weld
  • Length: 135ft

  • Taper:
    Radical Forty Plus Short head, long front taper design - each line density individually balanced to make the most of modern fly rods.

  • Core:
    • Floating Head : Braided multifilament nylon for low memory
    • Intermediate/Sinking Head: Hi Sense mono core for excellent take detection and hook set
    • Running lines: Power Core ultra low stretch for ultimate casting performance, hook set and minimal memory
  • Coating:
    PolyFuse XT dual layer system, Ridged on running line - supple inner layer for low memory and a hard highly lubricated outer for slick casting performance

Price:24.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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