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Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Sniper Tropical Fly Line

Airflo Forty Plus ( 40+ ) Sniper Tropical Fly Line
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To help you catch more fish Airflo has developed a new aggressive short head Striper Tropical Fly line. The Sniper line is based on a shorter version of the popular 40+ line with its easy casting condensed head and thick tip diameter. The Sniper has a Dual Head Design which allows the line to perform as well for less experienced casters as it does for advanced casters. Less experienced casters can cast the line with only the front 15 feet of line out the rod tip while the expert will aerialize the entire head to achieve maximum distance. They come in floating, intermediate sink, type 3, and type 7 sink. An excellent choice for bigger flies in windy conditions.

Included in the Sniper family is a new Custom Cut line, made with a level 35 foot head of 14 grain per foot sink tip material blending into an intermediate running line. Floating and intermediate lines are looped both front and back, the Sink 3, 7 and CC are looped in the back only.

Code: R40-SN-WF

Price:39.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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