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Airflo Interchangable Lens - Wrap Polarised Glasses

Airflo Interchangable Lens - Wrap Polarised Glasses
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Airflo Interchangables, part of Airflo's stunning new range of polarized fishing glasses, have been designed to meet the needs of the game angler in a multitude of differing light conditions. The new range offers superb optical quality and a comprehensive selection of styles to suit any individual.

Airflo Interchangable Wraps come with Brown, Smoke and Amber Lens, all of which are housed in an glasses case.

Amber lenses are HLT ( high light transmission ) which are designed for dawn / dusk / low light use. They amplify the available light in these situation and so to be effective in doing this Amber HLT lenses are NOT polarised.

Price:26.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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