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Airflo Platinum Chalk Stream 4F - SALE

Airflo Platinum Chalk Stream 4F - SALE

From the moment you open the package, you will know that the Platinum is something special. The flag ship of Airflo's range, Platinum Series lines have been produced to exacting specifications to ensure exemplary performance.

The Chalk Stream features the most supple coating Airflo have ever produced, providing total control to the line which literally sits on top of the water's surface - handling the heaviest of ripples and cross currents. The tip of the line has been given extra buoyancy to counter the tip sink characteristic so often encountered with floating lines. The braided core and supple coating combine to eliminate memory - even on the coldest of days.

- Tapers designed to give accuracy at short and medium ranges
- A unique presentation taper, for the most delicate of deliveries
- Super high floating to avoid current pull down and tip sink
- Braided core with traditional stretch levels to protect light tippets
- 10 year non-crack guarantee
- Length: 90ft / 27.4 metres

RRP £64.99

Price:25.48 (Including VAT at 20%)

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