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Airflo PolyFuse 7000 Standard Belly - SALE

Airflo PolyFuse 7000 Standard Belly - SALE

RRP 44.95

All Airflo Polyfuse Technology lines are produced using a unique dual coating production process that actually fuses a super slick, tough outer coating to an extremly supple polymer base that unlike PVC will not crack.
An advanced in built lubrication system provides effortless casting at any distance and not only provides incredible water repuslion but repels dirt build up as well.

Manufacturers 5 year Non Crack Guarantee

Price:15.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • WF9F - Hi Vis Orange   
  • WF9F - Hi Vis Green (c)   
  • WF9F - Lt Grey (c)   

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