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Airflo PolyFuse XT Multi-Tip - Damaged Packaging - Save 50%

Airflo PolyFuse XT Multi-Tip - Damaged Packaging - Save 50%

- New improved super smooth sleeved welded polymer loops for incredible durability
- Super slick dual lubrication PolyFuse XT memory free coating for life long shootability
- Perfectly balanced tip sections for seamless casting performance
- Colour coded loops for ease of use
- Five year manufacturer's non-crack guarantee
- Normally £69.99

All PolyFuse XT fly lines are produced using a unique dual coating process that fuses a super slick, tough outer coating to an extremely supple polymer base that, unlike PVC, will not crack. They come with a five year manufacturer's non-crack guarantee.

Main Line Colour: Hi-Vis Yellow (unless otherwise stated below)
Main Line Length: 33.3yds (30.5m)
Includes 4 colour coded tips, in a good quality sectioned Airflo wallet, plus a pack of braided loops.

Normally £69.99, we have just a few of these superb new lines that have been on display - hence the packaging may be slightly marked or tatty. Grab a bargain while stocks last!

Price:35.72 (Including VAT at 20%)

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