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Airflo Polyfuse Delta Spey - Last few to clear

Airflo Polyfuse Delta Spey - Last few to clear

Designed for modern double handed rods the Delta Spey boasts a special taper which allows easy Spey, Switch and overhead casting. The line is designed to remain supple through a wide temperature range for ease of handling and the low stretch factor improoves line control and hookset.
With the toughness and durability to withstand the harshest river conditions. Dec Hogan, who is instrumental in the design of all Airflo Spey lines prefers the Delta Spey line because of its unsurpassed performance and ability to catch fish under a broad range of fishing conditions. Head lengths vary with line size and are between 50.5 and 57 ft.

Colours: Mint Green or White as available (please choose from the drop down list)
RRP £49.99

Boxed with simple plain packaging to save you money

Price:19.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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