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Airflo Polyfuse XT Cold Saltwater Striper Taper - WF12S3

Airflo Polyfuse XT Cold Saltwater Striper Taper - WF12S3

Sinking - Sink Rate 3

There’s a difference between cold and really cold - especially when your flyline starts misbehaving.

The original environment where fly fisher’s started to appreciate the benefits of polyurethane coatings - an unrelenting toughness and unbelievable suppleness in the coldest conditions made the original a firm favourite with east coast striper fishers.

Improved by the inclusion of Power Cores, memory is reduced to zero and the uncanny ability to set hooks at long range helps you catch even more fish.

Back in the range for 2007, the Crystal Clear mono core Intermediate line has changed little since it origin and this classic returns to do battle.

  • Taper: Short Front taper and mid length belly for delivering oversized flies at long distance.
  • Core: Clear/Sinking - Hi Sense low stretch monocore for excellent take detection and hook set.
  • Coating: Cold Saltwater PolyFuse XT dual layer system - supple inner layer for low memory and a hard highly lubricated outer for slick casting performance
  • Colour: Brown
  • Line Type: Sinking
  • Sink Rate: Sink Rate 3

Sometimes we run out of boxes so lines may be supplied in simple packaging.

Price:15.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

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