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Airflo Polyfuse XT Ridge Line White Water - WF9F - Special Deal

Airflo Polyfuse XT Ridge Line White Water - WF9F - Special Deal

RRP 54.99

This special version of the revolutionary Airflo Ridge Line was designed initially for the fast flowing rivers of New Zealand. Having succeeded there, we have managed to purchase an order of these so they can be used just as effectively in our fast flowing rivers.

Airflo Ridge Lines are a totally new concept in fly line technology. Ridges run down the total length of the line which reduces the line's surface contact with the guides, hence decreasing friction, which results in longer effortless casts yet due to the additional surface area Ridge Lines float higher on the water.

Testing confirmed this and highlighted how the line’s grooved surface actually held water during the cast and acts as a superior lubrication system regardless of conditions. Team this innovation with record levels of Teflon® in the outer coating and you have the slickest line Airflo have ever manufactured. Made from unique polyurethane coatings, each ridge is incredibly tough for long term durability.

  • Length: 105ft / 35 yards
  • Colour: Grey
  • Ridged XTcoating - minimal surface contact with rod guides
  • Record levels of Teflon® for incredible shootability and water repulsion
  • Braided core - improved suppleness in cold conditions
  • Helps casting loop cut through the wind
  • Long head loads the rod up well for long casts

    These lines are supplied WITHOUT welded loops

  • Price:20.87 (Including VAT at 20%)

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