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Airflo Polyfuse XT Sixth Sense Sweep Sinking - Special Promotion

Airflo Polyfuse XT Sixth Sense Sweep Sinking - Special Promotion

RRP 44.99

With the revolution in non-stretch braided lines for conventional fishing, it was only a matter of time before flylines went down the same route. Airflo has created a range of technically advanced fly lines with an extremely low stretch level that recreates the feel of a "braided super line" for fly fishing.

Reducing the stretch level in a flyline gives huge advantages in terms of casting performance. The less stretch in the core, the less energy is lost during the cast - ask any experienced caster.

Working with a new production process and core material has allowed us to produce a line with around 6% stretch as opposed to the normal 20%+ whilst maintaining almost zero memory.

This minimal stretch level gives great bite detection and improved hook penetration even at extreme range. All lines are 35yds long for long distance and will certainly suit the Stillwater flyfishers they have been designed for.

Length: 35yds

For a limited period, choose a second Sixth Sense Line from the drop down list, and pay only 51.04 for the pair

Based on the same technology as the incredible Sixth Sense flylines, Airflo have created a small range of flylines that sink in a U shape profile.

With the recent popularity of the 'washing line' technique, we realised that creating a U shape retrieve path actually allows the fly to fish through a range of depths effectively, during a single cast.

Sweep lines follow this U sink path by increasing the sink speed of the belly section of the flyline to be faster than the tip and running line.

The use of power core, reduces tangles significantly and helps sets the hooks despite the belly in the line - something that was always a problem with the old Hi-D type lines.

Sweep is not the line for early season when fish are hugging the bottom, but as a searching line when the fish are moving up and down throughout the water column, it is an extremely effective line.

When boat fishing, this line creates a far sharper angle on the final lift and this almost vertical action is extremely deadly for strip and hang techniques.

Available in Di5 and and Di7 belly sink rates - the tip of the Di5 sinks at 3.5" per sec and the Belly sinks at 5" per sec - on the Di7 version the tip sinks at 5" per sec and the belly sinks at 7" per second.

All lines are 35yds long - you'll need it!!

Price:30.62 (Including VAT at 20%)

Add Second Sixth Sense Line

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