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Airflo Ridge Impact Fly Line ( WF7F ) Slow Tip - Save 10%

Airflo Ridge Impact Fly Line ( WF7F ) Slow Tip - Save 10%
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After the incredible success and subsequent time spent fishing our original 3’ Mini Tip lines, Airflo realised that there was room for development and this product could be enhanced.

New for 2012, Airflo have released a range of Slow and Fast Intermediate tip lines in the Ridge Supple Impact taper. Designed specifically for the Stillwater angler, these lines will also be extremely useful for streamer fishing in both coastal and running waters.

The Impact taper design with its relatively short front taper and long rear taper loads easily and work well in a wide range of applications.

12’ Slow tip

Delivering your flies in a flat calm isn't always an easy task, the 12ft slow mini tip features the favourable delta taper which helps anglers cast better rain or shine, or in this case, wind or not. The 12ft slow tip allows your flies to drop just shy of the surface at a sink rate of just half an inch per second.

  • 12ft Slow tip belly
  • Line Colour: Sky Blue

  • Price:35.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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