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Airflo Ridge Line Hi Float Tactical Trout - Special Promotion

Airflo Ridge Line Hi Float Tactical Trout - Special Promotion

For a limited period, choose a second Ridge Line Hi Float Tactical Trout from the drop down list, and pay only 59.99 for the pair

Developed on 4 continents by some of the world’s finest anglers, Ridge Tactical trout represents the combined efforts of Airflo's Pro Staff, who’ve helped fine tune Ridge technology to create the ultimate trout flyline.

Combined TDC creates a true hi buoyancy variable density tip - this line will amaze you in heavy current - it’s so buoyant you’ll think its wearing water wings.

Looped at tip and butt with the super smooth ‘No Step Down’ welds, buoyancy will remain throughout the lifetime of the line - no capillary action here to suck the tip down.

Finally the Power Core, low stretch braided chassis converts casting energy with minimal losses, helping you deliver your fly with precision even when the winds blow.

  • Ridged XT Coating - minimal surface contact with rod guides
  • Hi Float Tip - TDC variable density technology
  • Braided Core - improved suppleness in cold conditions
  • Micro Loop - Super smooth integrated welded loops
  • Length: 90ft
  • Colour: Peach / Pale Peach Tip

  • Range: WF3F - WF6F
  • Taper: Tactical trout taper for improved control and accuracy
  • Core: Low stretch Power Core for improved handling and high energy casting performance
  • Coating: Advanced Ridge XT for minimal friction, enhanced with TDC for super high tip buoyancy
  • Colour: Peach / Pale Peach Tip

Price:35.72 (Including VAT at 20%)

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