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Airflo Salmon Shooting heads - Production Over Runs

Airflo Salmon Shooting heads - Production Over Runs
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RRP 49.99

We are pleased to offer a range of Shooting Heads from Airflo designed specifically for two-handed rods.
This modern Scandinavian design set up will allow you to make longer casts with exceptional ease and are great for both the novice and expert salmon fisher.

The range includes floating, intermediate and various sinking density lines.

Why not purchase the whole series to cover almost every eventuality.

The sinking lines are perfect for early spring and and late Autumn in heavier colder water whilst the floating and intermediate versions are great for summer fishing conditions. These lines come with ready mounted braided loops both ends for ease of use.

We have a small batch of production over runs so are supplied in simple packaging and at a great un repeatable price. Quantities available are very limited so grab a bargain while stocks last.

Colour: Green

Price:17.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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