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Airflo Streamtec Nano 4pc 10ft #4/5 ( F-ST-NANO-1045 ) - Ideal Grayling Rod

Airflo Streamtec Nano 4pc 10ft #4/5 ( F-ST-NANO-1045 ) - Ideal Grayling Rod
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The natural evolution for Airflo's ever popular Streamtec range was the addition of Nano Technology into the blank, making it lighter, stronger and even more responsive than previously possible.

The Streamtec range of rods has a silky progressive action that works exceptionally well at short to mid range and due to the soft tip light tippets can be used without fear of being broken off. The 10' models are particularly useful for either Czech or French nymphing techniques.

So if it’s a river or steam rod your after there’s something in the Streamtec Nano tec range for you.

  • Single leg chrome rings
  • Lined stripper rings
  • Custom reel seat
  • Cordura Travel tube
  • High grade cork handle with fighting butt

    These rods come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty, returns surcharge may apply.

  • Product Code: F-ST-NANO-1045
  • Rod Length: 10ft
  • AFTM Rating: #4/5
  • Rod Sections: 4pc
  • Weight:4.23 oz
  • Brand: Airflo

    These are a good choice if you are looking for a Czech or Polish nymphing rod for the Grayling season.

  • Price:109.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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