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Airflo Super Dri Intermediate Tip Fly Lines ( WF8 )

Airflo Super Dri Intermediate Tip Fly Lines ( WF8 )
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Airflo's lauded Intermediate Tip fly lines have been revised for 2014 with the remarkable Super-Dri coating to ensure maximum buoyancy on floating sections. This great range of five separate fly lines is available in 3' Mini Tip, together with 6' or 12' tip lengths in both Slow and Fast intermediate densities, allowing you total control over your presentation.

All models feature the low stretch Power core to help you set hooks on even the slightest of takes, making them perfect for more imitative styles of fishing. The Super-Dri Ridge coating makes each line memory free and a joy to handle, and all models feature Airflo's Impact taper design for easy loading and exceptional casting performance at any range.

The 3ft Fast Int tip is available in AFTM #5-9, while the 6ft and 12ft Fast Int and Slow Int lines are available in #6-8.

Price:39.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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