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Airflo Super Dri Tarpon Fly Line ( WF11F )

Airflo Super Dri Tarpon Fly Line ( WF11F )
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A low stretch 'power core' is essential for driving an outsize hook into the maw of a metallic mouthed fly cruncher! Use an Airflo Super-Dri tarpon line and you can covert more of your 'jumps' into catches, unlike 'bungy cord' PVC based lines.

This line casts like a bullet, and flies like a rocket - straight and true into the vision zone of a hungry poon'. With Airflo's new Super-Dri ridge coating it's even more slick, high floating, tangle proof and resilient than ever- a guides favourite the world over.


Price:39.31 (Including VAT at 20%)

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