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Airflo Tactical Delta Spey Two Tone Fly Line WF7/8F

Airflo Tactical Delta Spey Two Tone Fly Line WF7/8F

RRP 49.99

When Tim Rajeff and Dec Hogan joined forces to create the taper for the Delta Spey, we new we were onto something special.

That was five years ago and whilst changes have been made - improved PolyFuse XT coatings, reduced diameter running lines, not to mention the unrivalled casting control that comes with Power Core - this same taper has stood the test of time and is destined to go into Spey casting history as a classic.

  • Taper: Exclusive Delta Spey Taper for powerful turnover
  • Core: Power Core ultra low stretch for ultimate casting performance, hook set and minimal memory
  • Coating: New Ultra Supple PolyFuse XT cold weather coating - ultra supple inner layer for low memory and Teflon loaded outer for slick casting performance.
  • Length: 120ft
  • Colour: Two tone Mint Green for easy loading

Price:35.72 (Including VAT at 20%)

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