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Airflo Tarpon Ridge Line WF10I

Airflo Tarpon Ridge Line WF10I

RRP 49.99

It goes without saying the advantages Ridge coatings give in this high octane environment - shootability when you need it and a complete lack of tangles - all combine to lower blood pressure and extend your life expectancy by years. The tarpon lines power core is just made for setting 4/0 hooks into the tarpon stainless steel mouth.

Combining Power Core with our Ridge coatings didn’t disappoint, a line that casts like a bomb, with hooking power that quickly puts you in control.

Ridges in the coating reduced ‘hi speed tangles’ - the ridged surface easily sliding over itself as the running line whipped up from the deck.

Colour: Clear / Blue

  • Taper: Aggressive front taper for maximum power turnover and longer rear taper to stabilise longer casts.
  • Core: Power Core ultra low stretch for ultimate casting performance, hook set and minimal memory.
  • Coating: Ridge Tropical PolyFuse XT dual layer system - supple inner layer for low memory and a hard highly lubricated outer for slick casting performance

Price:32.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

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