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Airflo Trout Poly Leader ( 5ft ) - SALE - Save 20%

Airflo Trout Poly Leader ( 5ft ) - SALE - Save 20%

RRP 3.99

For years fly fishermen have dreamed of a leader that turns its self over, a clear leader with positive buoyancy so that it would ride over ripples and not through them, a leader that was so supple it actually moved with the current to prevent drag rather than create it. A leader that could be changed in seconds and used to fish at any depth, a leader that didn't tangle and would absorb shock to protect light tippets ......... The Airflo Polyleader

Recomended for lines 5-9 and tippets up to 12lb.

We now have a limited range - Please choose from the drop down list

Price:3.25 (Including VAT at 20%)

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