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Aloe Gator Green Stuff 4oz (120ml) After Sun

Aloe Gator Green Stuff 4oz (120ml) After Sun

Green Stuff is the real stuff!! The 'original' 99.5% pure Aloe Vera gel. Not powdered or freeze dried Aloe, like many others, this is a rich soothing gel that helps relieve the pain and dryness of exposure to the sun, wind, and elements. It's healing properties are legendary in helping prevent peeling, and maintaining healthier smoother skin.

Four Key Reasons to buy Aloe Gator...

Its alcohol free - Alcohol dries the skin, so it's not used in the sunblocks.

There are no PABA* or PABA esters - which can cause an allergic reaction and staining to the clothesin the products so they're very effective but are also gentle on your skin as they're a more natural product. (* PABA (para-amnio-benzoic-acid) is widely used in sunscreens and many people are allergic to it.)

The sunscreen is so well formulated that no matter how much you're in and out of the water or how much you perspire it ensures that your skin is completely protected from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

All the products have been developed to meet or exceed the standards set by the most stringent authority in the World, the USA Federal Drug Administration.

Price:6.11 (Including VAT at 20%)

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