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Ashima Fluorescent Yellow Line - Final Clearance

Ashima Fluorescent Yellow Line - Final Clearance

A resin impregnated line is different from the standard low diameter line. Standard line will be pre-stretched and coated with resin or Teflon. Ashima Monofilament line has the resin impregnated into it, meaning the line does not have to be pre-stretched. This removes virtually all of the drawbacks of the standard lines.

When the line has not been pre-stretched there is some additional elasticity which dramatically improves its performance when subjected to sudden pressure. The line is virtually memory free, and is incredibly soft and smooth with excellent abrasion resistance.

- Fluorescent Yellow and very visible in water
- Not pre-stretched (elasticity to absorb the initial shock of the strike)
- Virtually no memory for superb presentation
- Low diameter and high knot strength
- Used by World Champions

This superb line is very popular with salmon and seatrout anglers, or for any situation where a highly visible line is an advantage - we are told it is also excellent for ice fishing. Stocks and size are now very limited. so final clearance at well below half price. Packaging is minimal as it is respooled from bulk.

10.5 lb0.260mm250m£12.99£6.49
12 lb0.285mm250m£14.99£7.49

Buy any strength of 250m spool at 50% of RRP


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