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Assorted Braided Tapered Leaders by Airflo - in bulk (50)

Assorted Braided Tapered Leaders by Airflo - in bulk (50)

Airflo Tapered braided leaders provide great transition of energy from fly line to tippet resulting in a perfect turnover. The extremely light floating and intermediate models allow gentle presentation and the choice of five additional colour coded sinking densities opens up a new world of techniques not possible with traditional tapered leaders.

We have very limited stocks remaining so each pack will contain a random assortment of Trout, Salmon and Salt Water leaders of varying densities as available. Each leader is individually packaged in retail packing.

Available for just 1.20 (plus VAT) each in packs of 50 - We are now clearing our final remaining stock of these leaders - dont delay as these are well below trade price so wont be around for long.

Price:72.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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