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Berkley Folding Kayak Net ( 1316614 )

Berkley Folding Kayak Net ( 1316614 )
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RRP 39.99

The Berkley Folding Kayak Net si purpose designed for Kayak fishers, though it performs just as brilliantly for any roving, wading angler.

The Berkley Kayak Net features fish friendly large silicon netting that helps reduce damage to fins and scales while still being easy to sweep through the water when netting. An added bonus, the large netting also reduces tangles with hooks and lures in the net. Constructed with anodised aluminium handle and frame, this handy net is built to last.

  • Fish friendly and tangle free Catch n release netting
  • Anodised handle and frame
  • Space saving retractable handle models
  • Comfortable non slip EVA hand grips
  • Elasticated safety cord with clip
  • 42cm overall length

  • Price:30.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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