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Berkley PowerBait Magnum Floating Power Eggs

Berkley PowerBait Magnum Floating Power Eggs
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Anglers have enjoyed the incredible drawing power of Berkley’s PowerBait Eggs for years, and now they can enjoy the same proven fish-catching formula and performance in a bigger size for larger trout and salmon. Perfectly sized for smaller hooks and lures, these tasty floating magnum eggs make an excellent choice for light tackle rigging or finesse presentations. Buoyant enough to float a size #10 hook, the PowerBait Floating Magnum Eggs stay secure on the hook and won’t dry out. Plus, the PowerBait scent and flavor draws fish from a distance, giving you a powerful advantage!

Berkley Trout Bait has a floating biodegradable formula which enhances dispersion of scent and flavor to attract fish from wide ranges. Power Eggs are more effective and longer lasting than real Salmon eggs. These eggs wont dry out. They stay on the hook and can also be used by fly anglers. They come connected together for versatile rigging techniques such as egg sacs and egg loops.

  • Jar Size: 14 grams ( 0.5 oz )

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  • Price:4.43 (Including VAT at 20%)

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