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Berkley Trilene Maxx Clear Mono - 330yds - Save 20%

Berkley Trilene Maxx Clear Mono - 330yds - Save 20%

The best Trilene ever! Superb strength and abrasion resistance with incredible handling and sensitivity. Trilene Maxx is the ‘no compromise’ line offering the castability of Trilene XL and the toughness of Trilene XT.

Colour: Clear

Features Include:
  • All round big fish main line
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Tremendous knot strength

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It does not matter whether it is a saltwater express sporting fins and gills that
latches onto your baited hook, or a big carp, the connections between angler and
fish had best be exemplary. Anything merely adequate will fail.

Lines, leaders and knots face tremendous shock levels in the first minutes of the fight. All big powerful fish find the
weak connections and your personnel best fish is quickly lost. This is especially true where the fish is hooked close
to you, where the distance between angler and fish is reduced. The closer the battle, the greater the shock. Open
water often offers fewer snags.

Weeds, rocks, rushes or bridge-pilings are used by fish to rip the line to shreds. Around our coasts
rocks, reefs and all manner of obstructions play havoc with your line. This means you have to ply
on the pressure to stand any chance of landing your fish. The line takes a terrific beating around
our rugged coastline, especially with big, tough critters like conger, skate, sharks, and sea bass.

Yet stealth also plays a large role, here:
For many years most anglers used the same hook length material as their reel line, not any
more. Technology has moved on.

Our carp are becoming ever bigger along with barbel and catfish. As fish become increasingly discriminating, more and more anglers are turning to fluorocarbon leaders.

The challenge is finding the right line, the right knots and the right tackle to improve the angler’s odds. It’s all about batting averages. If a top match angler or specimen hunter hears about some new line that will increase his chances of outwitting his quarry he’ll find it, test it and go with it, if it works. Shock-resistance, knot and tensile strength, and abrasion-resistance are the critical factors. Sea fishing lines, big carp lines have to be tough lines

Price:5.71 (Including VAT at 20%)

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