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Berkley Whiplash Crystal Super Braid (1970yds) - Save 40%

Berkley Whiplash Crystal Super Braid (1970yds) - Save 40%

RRP 299.99 - Save 40%

Building on the huge success of Whiplash Pro, Berkley have produced Whiplash Crystal...

The original Whiplash in a new Crystal translucent formula!
  • Totally translucent
  • Optimum strength

    Unlike traditional braids, Whiplash is processed into a thinner diameter, making it smoother and non-abrasive so it casts farther and is easy on ceramic guides and reel components. Superb for deep water jigging, it's small diameter and no-stretch design cuts through water quickly and allows you to fish with much lighter equipment. Whiplash super braid is constructed with Dyneema, the strongest fibre of its kind. Berkley Whiplash is also the longest casting braid you can use in freshwater situations, making it great for carp and pike fishing.
    • Dyneema Fibre - Abrasion resistant
    • Ultra Thin Diameter
    • Tight Weave Micro-Braid
    • Incredibly Smooth and Non-Abrasive

    Spool Length: 1970yds

  • Price:179.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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