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Biedron Wobbler 11cm Jointed Lure from Zebco

Biedron Wobbler 11cm Jointed Lure from Zebco
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Peter Biedron, perhaps the most renowned wobbler design expert in Germany, has developed and tested his latest creation with Zebco. After two years of fine tuning, the Beidron Wobbler is now ready for the market.

The Wobbler's attraction is incredible. In initial tests, unlacquered samples which were only being used to study their swimming behaviour were attacked by monster Pike.

The Wobbler is a floating, two-piece design with extraordinary properties:

  • The diving paddle is an integral part of the wobbler so can not break off
  • The integral paddle also avoids excessive pressure waves which can dissuade seasoned predators
  • The weight distribution in the body was varied throughout series of tests until the optimal swimming properties were acheived
  • Joint connection developed especially for this Wobbler only, allowing two dimensional movements which are created by the enticing, fish imitating tail kicks of the Wobbler
  • Head eye has several attachment positions allowing the swimming depth of the Wobbler to be adapted to conditions
  • No other wobbler can boast the same incredible attraction for Pike, Zander, Perch, Trout or Bass in equal measure both in still and flowing water
  • High quality laquer is used, and in some places more than 10 coats is applied to acheive the special enticing effects

Six Reasons for Success

  1. Multiple hook eyes allow different diving depths and movement patterns ( 2 eyes on 11cm models, and 3 eyes on 15cm models ). The top eye creates a more active movement with deeper diving. The lower eyes create a more subtle movement without diving as deep.
  2. Two dimensioned connection is designed to reflect nature, this connection allows for an enticing movement which mirrors the swimming patterns of real prey fish. In flowing waters the Wobbler presents itself very strongly.
  3. Depending on the model, there may be up to 10 layers of colour. Only so the correct shimmer and uneveness in the muster can be acheived. Slight colour differences from Wobbler to Wobbler are found, due to the hand finished nature of this lure.
  4. Wobbler is without a diving - this creates a very life like movement in the water, so don't be surprised by the lack of aggressive movement as you reel the Wobbler in. This is a wanted trait and one of the main reasons for the Wobbler's success. In addition, because of the integrated diving lip, even in the most challenging rock beds the Wobbler only rarely gets caught. The casting abilities, due to the aerodynamic design, have improved and are paving the way for jointed Wobblers.
  5. A Rattling Body creates an underwater sound pattern which will attract predators from great distances.
  6. Super Sharp trebles are an absolute must when the fish needs to be securely hooked. With the Biedron Wobbler only the VMC Cone-Cut trebles are used.

    "My name is Peter Biedron, and I am renowned across Europe for being on a parallel legend with Bob Nudd, when it comes to fishing with wobblers. My expertise and knowledge of acheiving the optimum result from wobbler design and technology, has given so many anglers memorable days fishing. There are many unique features to this design, but mainly that the wobblers are without a diving lip.

    The strategy behind this is quite simply, if you are a prey fish, do you really want to make a song and dance to other predator fish around you and attract attention to yourself? Therefore, these wobblers reflect the natural movement of prey fish, with their sleek and effortless motion through the water.

    All of these wobblers have been designed by myself, and have gone through vigorous testing in hard fished waters, but have proven to be very successful. These wobblers reflect my years of experience, and I am confident that you will be amazed by the results"

    Peter Biedron

Price:4.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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