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Bluefox Vibrax Musky Inline Musk Buzzer - BOGOF

Bluefox Vibrax Musky Inline Musk Buzzer - BOGOF
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Fast retrieve tears across the surface creating an attention-getting splash and commotion. Finished off with a ribbon tail for lifelike attraction. Premium heavy duty hook assembly eliminates fouling. Comes equipped with a large buzz blade and real deer hair bucktails. Includes an extra ribbon tail tantalizer.

Large Buzz Blade
  • Stays on the surface even when retrieved at ultra slow speeds

    Main Body
  • Machined brass bell
  • Silver plated & painted fi nishes
  • Free turning brass gear creates fish-attracting sonic vibrations
  • X-strong stainless steel shaft

    Ribbon Tail
  • Adds additional life-like swim action
  • Each package includes Bonus Red Ribbon Tail

    BOGOF: For every one of these superb Bluefox Vibrax Musky Inline Musk Buzzer lures you order, and we will include an extra one absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Our choice of colour on free lure. Please note that free lures will not show up on your invoice, but will be added automatically.

    Please choose colour from the drop down list.

  • Price:11.22 (Including VAT at 20%)

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