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BulletBobber - The Only Bobber with Direction Control!!!

BulletBobber - The Only Bobber with Direction Control!!!

The BulletBobber is the latest innovation in casting floats. Using the patented directional control technology, the BulletBobber can offer an "edge" that other traditional casting floats cannot. For starters:

  • Unlike traditional casting floats, the BulletBobber is a planing board that allows you to control the "side to side" action with a small flick of the wrist after casting.
  • The BulletBobber can cover more area per cast allowing you to target hard to reach locations.
  • The BulletBobber can be used from shore or while trolling.
  • They can be custom finished by you as to appear like a wide variety of top water baits.

    BulletBobber Size
    Bullet Bobber Weight
    Suggested Lure Weight
    Small ( 2" )
    0.22 oz.
    0.0625 to 0.125 oz.
    Medium ( 2.5" )
    0.38 oz.
    0.125 to 0.1875 oz.
    Large ( 3" )
    0.60 oz.
    0.1875 to 0.375 oz.
    X Large ( 4" )
    1.23 oz.
    0.375 to 0.5 oz.

    See More Info for full description, images, techniques, and videos of the BulletBobber in action to see its performance and versatility

    Any size for just 5.95, or Buy a Combo Pack which contains a Small, Medium, and Large BulletBobber for 6.95

  • Price:5.94 (Including VAT at 20%)


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