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Climax Sinking Braid - 100m - Final Clearance

Climax Sinking Braid - 100m - Final Clearance
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A brand new braided sinking line, from Climax, incorporating the latest braid technologies - zero stretch, very high abrasion resistance and durability, special coating for superb handling and UV ray resistance, combined with a speckled effect braid to aid camoflaguing and offering a good diameter to breaking strain ratio.
6lb (2.7kg) Diameter 0.10mm
9.5lb (4.3kg) Diameter 0.12mm
12lb ( 5.4kg) Diameter 0.14mm
15lb (7.0kg) Diameter 0.18mm
21lb (9.5kg) Diameter 0.20mm
29lb(13.1kg) Diameter 0.22mm

We have some of this material on factory spools and some in bulk so may be supplied re spooled from bulk with simple packaging as available.

Price:7.66 (Including VAT at 20%)

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