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Cortland 4 inch Stainless Steel Fillet Knife ( 42155 )

Cortland 4 inch Stainless Steel Fillet Knife ( 42155 )
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Cortland 4 inch Fillet Knife

Ultra sharp stainless steel blade. Soft touch ergonomic design handle. Knife sharpener included in sheath. Hook sharpener included.

A new range of fillet knives from Cortland which incorporate a progressive double tapered stainless steel blade with a strong flexible tip for delicate filleting whilst the lower blade section is designed to easily cut through bone and tough fish skin.

The moulded "Comfort-grip" handle resists fatigue making even the most extensive cutting chores a breeze. A textured finish in key areas offers secure grip for added safety even when wet whilst the safety finger guard offers extra protection from slippage.

The skeletonised sheath provides fast drainage and drying of the blade even if it is sheathed when wet whilst a clip locks the sheath to the knife for added safety. The sheath is also fitted with a ceramic knife sharpener and a diamond hook sharpening file.

A well designed and practical knife at a surprisingly low price.

Price:6.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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