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Cortland 444 Lazer Line - Save 30%

Cortland 444 Lazer Line - Save 30%

RRP 49.95

Cortland 444 Lazerline is the best of the best!

These are state of the art fly lines, with specially selected stiffer coatings that shoot further and last longer, and internal lubricants which enhance the casting range.

The 444 Lazerline is the ultimate long-body line, engineered for high floatability, effortless casting and ripple free pick-up. Their technicians have developed a harder coating that surpasses all others on the market. You will notice the smoothness and distance with your first cast.

Cortland has perfected the tapers of 444 Lazerline specific to each line weight, ensuring the highest line speed with the most positive turnover. You will not cast a finer fly line. All 444 Lazerlines are laser printed to make identification simple and easy, and in addition every line includes a free leader loop.

Length: 35 yards

Price:35.70 (Including VAT at 20%)

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