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Cortland 444SL

Cortland 444SL

When distance is required to reach fish, mastering a controlled, effortless long cast determines your success in fly fishing. You can more easily acheive this by taking advantage of the advanced characteristics of 444 SL fly lines.

Developed specifically for anglers concerned with distance castingand overcoming wind, the 444SL is a Specialised line produced from a unique formula that provides a greater degree of stiffness than other lines on the market. This feature reduces friction caused by line sags between the guides, thus increasing the efficiency and distance of your cast.

444Sl's special taper designs are customised to the line weight to give you tighter loops and better line control. The longer bodies and super smooth finish have been built around a memory free core for greater, hassle free casting distance. 444SL is an extremely high floating, durable fly line that is designed to enhance and maximise your fishing experience.

RRP £49.99 - Save 35%

Price:29.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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