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Cortland 444SL Change-A-Tip - WF5 - Save 30%

Cortland 444SL Change-A-Tip - WF5 - Save 30%

RRP 89.95

The Cortland 444 SL Change-A-Tip system is tailor made for the resourceful angler who needs to adapt instantly to changing conditions. This 4 in1 versatile system allows for maximum flexibility, giving the fly fisher an edge whether chasing shy browns on top of still water lakes or digging big steelhead up from the bottom of a raging river. Each compact loop, built into the 12 foot weight forward taper interchangeable tip, is constructed with the core of the fly line. These super strong loops are designed to be extra stiff for reduced hinging effect, of minimum size to pass through guides easily and changed quickly.

When distance is required to reach fish, mastering a controlled, effortless long cast determines your success in fly fishing.

You can more easily achieve this by taking advantage of the advanced characteristics of 444 SL Fly Lines.

Developed specially for anglers concerned with distance casting and overcoming wind, the 444 SL is a Specialized Line produced from a unique formula that provides a greater degree of stiffness than other lines on the market. This feature reduces friction caused by line sag between the guides, thus increasing the efficiency and distance of your cast.

Supplied with:
  • Mint Green Floating Tip
  • Clear Intermediate Tip (Slow Sink for Nymph or streamer fishing)
  • Type 3 Sink tip (gets your fly down in fast moving water)
  • Type 6 Sink tip (extra fast sinking for the quickest currents)

The interchangeable tips are 12 feet long, WF tapers. Each loop is constructed with the core of the fly line, making it an integral part of the system. The super strong loops are specially designed to reduce any hinging affects. Their small profile allows them to pass easily through the guides. The tips can be changed quickly and easily no matter what the conditions are.

The ventilated storage wallet included with each Change-A-Tip system keep the tips organised and allow them to dry after use.

Note: These may be labelled as 444SL or Precission trout - same lines, just different packaging

Price:64.30 (Including VAT at 20%)

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