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Cortland 555 - Save 30%

Cortland 555  - Save 30%

Cortland's 555 series flylines, are designed to be one step ahead of today's fly fisher. Combining ground breaking new barrier construction technology with application specific tapers and proprietry coatings, tuning each line for the job at hand.

The 555 series does not rely on a single coating, body material, core, or taper. Each line is uniquely engineered to address specific needs. 555's repel dirt, shed water easily, need no dressing, and require minimal cleaning. Multiple slickening agents, and bonded coatings, are actually mixed into the line body coming to the surface with use, and creating a virtually friction free cast. Long chain polymer additives provide extreme durability and un-parralleled crack resistance.

RRP £59.99

Price:42.89 (Including VAT at 20%)

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