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Cortland 555 Dyna Tip Fly Line - WF9F - Save 40%

Cortland 555 Dyna Tip Fly Line - WF9F - Save 40%

RRP 65.95

An award winning fly line engineered on a braided nylon core wih 555 coatings to create a supple line for cold water conditions, plus the added benefit of a white 4', high floating tip section.

These lines provide lots of flexibility such as using the high visibility end for those early spring, off color days, and the "stealth end" for clear, mid-summer or low water situations. In all models the special high floating tips (they are considerably less dense than conventional) offer exceptional delicacy, less drag transmission to the fly as well as doubling as a strike indicator.

The Mango version has the added benefit of a 4ft white "High Floating" tip section. Possibly the best all-around floating trout, salmon and steelhead fly line available.

Avacado is the 'stealthy' version of the Dyna-Tip family, incorporating a 4ft sage "High Floating" tip section - this is the best all-round 'low visibility' floating fly line available.

  • Type: Floating
  • Taper: WF
  • Colour: Mango with White Tip / Avacado with Sage Tip
  • Core: Nylon Braid

Price:40.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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