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Cortland Precision Trout Change a Tip Fly Line ( WF6 ) - Save 30%

Cortland Precision Trout Change a Tip Fly Line ( WF6 ) - Save 30%
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RRP 89.95

This 4-in-1 versatile system allows maximum flexibility, giving the fly fisher an edge whether chasing shy browns on top of still water lakes or digging big steelhead out of a raging river.

The Change-A-Tip system is tailored-made for the resourceful angler who needs to adapt to changing fishing conditions. The interchangable tips are 12 feet long, weight forward tapers. Loop connected, each Loop is constructed with the core of the flyline, making it an integral part of the system. The ventilated storage wallet (included) keeps tips organized and allows them to dry after use.

Precision Change a Tip is Cortland's universal fly line to suit most of your fishing situations from a floating line for delicate dry fly fishing to weighted streamers and nymphs for fast deep currents. The Precision Change a Tip Line incorporates a welded looping system for quickly and easy changing of line tips. This is the ultimate universal line for all types of fishing conditions. Built on a braided nylon core for a memory free line and a stiff outer finish for superb casting and durability.

Also includes a Cortland Fly Fishing Tactics and Techniques DVD.

  • Mainline Colour: Mint Green
  • Mainline Length: 30 yard ( 27 metres )

    Tips Included:
  • Mint Green Floating Tip - For surface applications such as Dry Flies
  • Clear Intermediate Tip - Slow sink for nymhing and streamer fishing
  • Type 3 Sink Tip - Gets your fly down in moving water
  • Type 6 Sink Tip - Exta fast sinking for the quickest currents

  • Price:65.70 (Including VAT at 20%)

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