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Cortland Precision Trout Fly Line - Floating - Save £20

Cortland Precision Trout Fly Line - Floating - Save 20
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RRP 49.99

Cortland have developed the most advanced weight forward fly line taper ever, the "Rocket 2". A taper that lets you load even one of today's fast action rods with a minimum of line for precise, in close casts, but acts almost like a shooting head for amazing distance when you need it. Next they gave it their new "Duraslik" coating to keep it shooting like a rifle. Added a colour change at the maximum pick-up point so you know just where to start your cast. And because its a "Precision" fly line, it is offered in whole and "half sizes."

Now you can fine tune your favorite rod to bring out it's full potential. 444 SL Precision. The best casting, most versatile, most modern, most advanced floating fly line on the market today!

The Precision Floating- Green / Straw is part of the Cortland 444 Precision flyline range that features Cortland's Rocket 2 profile which has a little more weight to the front of the line enabling it to rapidly load the fly line so that you spend more time fishing and less time false casting.

  • Line Type: Floating
  • Taper: Rocket 2
  • Color: Green / Straw
  • Core: Nylon Braid
  • Line Length: 30yds ( 27 metres )

  • Price:29.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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