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Crazy River Small Stillwater Trifold Trout Net - Seconds

Crazy River Small Stillwater Trifold Trout Net - Seconds
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A decent quality net by Crazy River, which is ideally suited to the small still water fly fisher. Fitted with belt clip, this net has a closed length of only 61cm. Single handed locking extendable handle. The overall extended length of the net and handle is 152cm, with the net being approx 50cm x 46cm x 50cm, and having a depth of around 54cm .

This net comes fitted with a comfortable soft grip handle, and the frame is finished in a hard anodised gun metal finish for durability.

Fitted with knotless 15mm x 8mm Hexagonal mesh which is specifically designed to eliminate scale damage, yet minimise resistance even in the fastest of currents. The generous bag depth ensures the net is more than big enough for a good sized river Trout.


We have a small number of these nets which are labelled as seconds, as the arms appear to be a little different. We have tested samples and they appear to work perfectly well - the difference in curve is much more noticeable when the net is folded. So grab a bargains for little more than the cost of a replacement mesh.

Price:10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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