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Duncan Tailknott'r - Knot Tying Tool

Duncan Tailknott'r - Knot Tying Tool
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Fishing Knots made Easy!

One of the simplest Knot Tying tools we have ever seen. Very easy to use for consistent, strong, and reliable fishing knots in mono or super lines. The new Tailknott'r Knot Tyer from LE Duncan, is quite probably the ultimate fishing knot tying tool.

  • Very easy to use
  • No moving parts for ultimate reliability
  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant metal construction
  • Easy knot tying for the novice and experienced fisherman alike
  • Produces strong fishing knots, quickly - knot after knot
  • Ideal for tying hooks, lures, swivels, flies, line connections etc
  • Works with superlines such as Spider wire and Fire wire
  • Built in super sharp line cutting blade

For loads more information, pictures, and video clips - just click More Info below

We have a limited number of Tutorial DVD's supplied by LE Duncan, explaining how to use the Tailknott'r and get best use from it. These are normally 4.95 each, but are available for only 2.95 when added to your Tailknott'r order from the drop down menu below.

  • DVD Region: Region 1
  • Running Time: 37 minutes
  • Contains many of the 35 Tailknott'r knots

  • Price:13.51 (Including VAT at 20%)

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