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Eco Rocket Stove - Last few to clear

Eco Rocket Stove - Last few to clear
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The Eco Rocket is a highly-efficient budget wood rocket stove. Ceramic combustion chamber, high performance ceramic insulation, heat-resistant black paint, and sturdy cast-iron pot support. A clean burn for a low price.

  • Supplied with adjustable metal skirt and stick supports

    Please note, this Eco Rocket Stove is not compatible with the G3 Wind Shield.

    Stove: 27cm high; 26cm diameter.

    Rocket stoves provide a simple, convenient and effective way of cooking outdoors on wood, including in many places where open fires are not allowed. They are a viable, economical and ‘eco’ alternative
    to conventional gas-powered camp stoves.

    Ready to cook on within a minute of lighting, they burn any wood silently and with almost no smoke. They are many times more efficient than open fires, achieved by the precise geometry of the insulated combustion chambers.

  • Price:48.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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