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Fire Eye Naturalistic Holographic Sand Eel (4")

Fire Eye Naturalistic Holographic Sand Eel (4
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Naturalistic 4" holographic Sand Eel softbaits. Feature super bright holographic effect, for added fish enticing flash plus reflective red Fire Eyes providing an additional trigger to striking predatory fish. Fantastic natural action, the perfect lure for Bass and deadly when free lined. 10 per pack, at just £3.99.

Available in a choice of three colours - please choose from the drop down list. Please see More Info for full pictures and colour descriptions.

Alternatively, buy a pack containing 10 each of all three colours (30 eels in total) for just £10.

Note: As we source these from several manufacturers branding will be as available and sometimes they may be supplied unbranded ( ie in simple packaging ). They are all identical though and are actually made in the same factory for various brands. We simply buy from whoever offers us the best deal at the time in order to pass on the best possible price to you.

Price:4.07 (Including VAT at 20%)

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