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Fladen Conrad Twin Tail 25cm Soft Bait ( 20-0325 )

Fladen Conrad Twin Tail 25cm Soft Bait ( 20-0325 )
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A large soft bait designed for boat and wreck fishing. Great for big Cod, Pollack and Bass, but also for large Pike and other predatory fresh water fish.

Conrad lures by Fladen of Sweden, are used and recommended by top anglers such as Gord Burton 'The Pike Pirate', and the Swedish Anden brothers.

Retrieve speed should be adjusted according to the water temperature - faster when the water is warm and slower when cold. One deadly technique is the retrieve and stop, with predators often hitting the lure hard when the retrieve is paused.

In clear water use discrete and neutral coloured lures while in coloured water use more brightly coloured lures.

On sunny days, light coloured lures often attract more strikes while darker lures can work better in dull light conditions.

Enjoy your fishing!

  • Lure length: 25 cm
  • Weight: 135 grams

    Please see More Info for colour codes.

  • Price:5.45 (Including VAT at 20%)

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