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Fladen Expert Deep Sea Fishing Starter Kit

Fladen Expert Deep Sea Fishing Starter Kit
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A balanced boat fishing kit, which includes:
  • Choice of Rods:
    • 1.8m Celtic Boat Rod 20-30 lb Line Class with Ceramic Lined Rings EVA Foam Grip - or
    • Powerstick 6ft Telescopic Boat Rod 30 - 40 lb Line Class, which packs away to only 31"
  • Shakespeare Zeta MTP 30 Level Wind Multiplier Reel Pre spooled with mono.
  • Fladen 7005 Sea Starter Pack, which includes traces, snap swivels, and a perk
  • Trolling Paravane (great for Mackerel Fishing)
  • Plus a pack of 6 assorted Mackerel and Cod Traces
  • Basically, everything you need to get started with a combined RRP of well over 80

Price:49.94 (Including VAT at 20%)


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